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from Thursday June 15th to Saturday 17th 

Minor changes may occur between now and the registration date.

3 days from Angers to visit farms, seed companies, tourist sites (Troyes, Reims, visits of cellars and champagne production houses...)

Thursday, June 15th

(Centre of France and Aube)

  • departure from Angers,

  • RAGT  Villampuy research station: legumes and grass

  • lunch

  • field trip: forage and vegetable seed production (Beauce)

  • travel to Troyes

  • visit the city and dinner (Troyes)

  • accommodation at Troyes


Friday, June 16th

(Aube and Marne)

  • departure from Troyes,

  • Saint-Pouange: FNAMS research station

  • Connantre Barenbrug breeding station

  • lunch

  • visit to Barenbrug

  • champagne vineyard visit (vineyard and grass use)

  • dinner (Epernay) or Reims

  • accommodation at Reims


Saturday, June 17th


  • arrival at Reims 5 p.m

  • Luzéal alfalfa dehydration plant (Recy)

  • field trip: organic grass seed production

  • lunch

  • Cérience alfafa trials (Auménancourt)

  • arrival in Reims at 17:00

  • visit of the city and dinner (Reims) - optional 

  • accommodation at Reims - optional 





June 11-14

June 15

June 16-17

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