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The International Herbage Seed Group (IHSG) was created to encourage cooperation and communication between international scientists involved in the production of forage grass (ryegrass, fescue, bromegrass, orchardgrass, etc.) and turf seed, and forage legume seed (mainly clover and alfalfa).

The objective of this congress is to exchange and present the research work carried out on forage crops and turf for seed production. Indeed, the problems encountered in seed production are common to the various producing countries (not necessarily for all subjects, but some countries are more prey to problems that other countries could encounter and therefore more advanced on solutions). 

The topics of the conferences touch all aspects of seed production in the field: plant protection against bio-aggressors (insects, weeds, diseases), agronomy (fertilisation, crop establishment techniques, harvesting, etc.), variety creation, quality of harvested seeds and associated technologies.

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