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Past IHSG Conferences:

1st  Conference 1987 Tune, Denmark
2nd Conference 1991 Corvallis, Oregon, USA
3rd Conference 1995 Halle, Germany
4th Conference 1999 Perugia, Italy
5th Conference 2003 Gatton, Australia
6th Conference 2007 Norway and Denmark
7th Conference 2010 Dallas, Texas, USA
8th Conference 2015 Lanzhou, China
9th Conference 2017 Pergamino, Argentina

10th Conference 2019 Corvalis, Oregon

Past IHSG Workshops:

1st  Workshop 1989 Nice, France
2nd Workshop 1993 Palmerston North, New Zealand
3rd Workshop 1997 Peace River, Canada
4th Workshop 2005 Winchester, UK
5th Workshop 2013 Methven, New Zealand

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